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Soft skin
Canus Goat Milk is introducing four body butters that combine moisturizing properties of fresh goat’s milk with the natural richness of soybean oils, castor wax and palm oils. The added benefit of botanical extracts including wheat protein, olive oil and essential oils to soften and protect the skin makes these body butters a dream for coping with rough and dry skin during the winter. The line includes a reformulation of the original fragrance and three new blends: orchid, marigold and olive and wheat protein.

The product is packaged in an 8-ounce jar and boxed. For more information, visit

L’il Critters receives award
Northwest Natural Products (NNP) line of L’il Critters Children’s Vitamins received the ChefsBest Award for Best Taste for the fourth consecutive year. Products in the competition were evaluated on the appearance, aroma, flavor taste and texture. “The ChefsBest Award reinforces our promise to provide high quality great-tasting products,” says Kate Jones, vice president of NNP. “Winning the ChefsBest Award emphasizes to L’il Critters consumers that they have made the best buying decision for their family.”

NNP has also introduced three new lemonade flavors to the L’il Critters Omega-3 Gummy Fish line. Cherryade, Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade come in fun shapes for kids to eat, are a plant-based Omega-3 formula fortified with DHA and contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

For more information, visit, or call 800-661-2736.

Green batteries
Fuji Batteries is introducing EnviroMAX, a line of eco-friendly, high performance consumer batteries, at Consumer Electronics Expo in Las Vegas in January. Company officials say the Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are designed to bring “long-awaited peace-of-mind to consumers who live green” when choosing consumable products for use in their homes.

Fuji EnviroMax batteries do not contain poisonous cadmium or mercury, are packaged with recycled paper and fully recyclable PET plastic and can be harmlessly disposed of through normal waste systems. The product also does not contain ingredients harmful to the environment as they degrade, are landfill safe and, according to company officials, equal or exceed performance/longevity of major equivalent brands.

They add that the batteries emit no ozone-depleting compounds and the factories where they are manufactured operate under some of the world’s strictest standards of environmental responsibility.

Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are currently being introduced in super alkaline and digital alkaline varieties. The super alkaline line is available in AA, AAA, C, D and 9V formats. The digital alkaline line is available in AA and AAA formats and is engineered to provide superior performance in high-drain electronic devices such as digital cameras, remotes and video games.

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Automotive abra cadabra
In anticipation of its 50th anniversary, Blue Magic has more than doubled its product line in attempt to reinforce its position in the interior car care category. Joining the existing products are a heavy foam upholstery cleaner, heavy foam carpet cleaner, foaming glass cleaner, dash and console restorer and upholstery stain and spot lifter.
“While each new product fills a specific void, they collectively help round out the top interior automotive appearance chemical line in the market,” says marketing director Jeff Schnell. “Those who have used our products will find the new additions carry on the tradition of being a product both retailers and consumers can count on to perform time after time.”

To complement the line extension the Blue Magic brand is also being refreshed to reflect the workman-like retro contemporary attributes the products possess. The branding refresh includes a new logo and redesigned packaging. In addition to the line of interior products Blue Magic also offers Pure Citrus air fresheners.

For more information, visit, or call 888-522-2746.

Babying sore gums
Church & Dwight is introducing BabyOrajel Cooling Cucumber Teething Gel, a topical anesthetic to help soothe and heal a baby’s sore gums when teething. The product provides enhanced relief in two ways: the cucumber extract helps cool and soothe painful irritated gums; and the melon-flavored gel is formulated to have high viscosity even after being placed in the refrigerator. That means that parents can easily apply chilled gel to their child’s teeth to add another cooling element to the relief treatment.

It has a suggested retail price of $5.99 for a .33-ounce tube. For more information, visit

A warm glow
Scripto introduces the Decoflex Candle Lighter to its lighter line. The new lighter is available in two colors, winter plum and spring melon, and is designed for consumers that are increasingly purchasing candles as a focal point for their home décor. The Decoflex Candle Lighter features a flexible nozzle candle lighter for hard-to-reach wicks. The flexible nozzle also allows for consumers to light candles without getting their hands to close to the flame. According to company officials, Scripto is positioning the product as an incremental item to help drive category sales by meeting specific consumer needs to accent home décor. 
For more information, email, or call 800-LIGHTER.

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