Portuguese Wine sets Sales Record

New York, NY (PRWEB) — Wine writers around the world say that Portugal is making some of the best wine in its long history and Americans are taking notice. Wine import data shows that in the first six months of 2009, the amount of wine imported by the United States has reached nearly the same numbers as all of 2008, according to ViniPortugal, the Portuguese Wine board.


This ViniPortugal data reflects American’s steady growth in interest in Portugal’s wide range of wine. Since 2007, sales of Portuguese table wine jumped by 40 percent in the United States and Portuguese red wine sales have increase 125 percent. Last year, Portugal landed in the U.S. Customs’ list of top 10 wine exporters to the United States. In the first 10 months of 2008, Portugal exported more than $56 million in wine to America, making it the ninth largest exporter and beating out 10th place South Africa.


The increased interest and critical acclaim for Portuguese wine is largely attributed to Portugal’s steady investment in its winemaking industry during the last 20 years by wine experts. By adding modern equipment, refining cultivation practices and improving techniques, Portuguese wines are becoming more popular in America and around the world, ViniPortugal says.


Whether consumers are looking for a light, crisp white or a bold and robust red, Portuguese winemakers can deliver delicious flavor at an affordable price.


According to ViniPortugal, Vinho Verde has begun showing up on restaurant wine lists and at retailers more frequently for its crisp and fruity flavors and refreshing, bubbly feel. Considered Portugal’s best whites, Vinho Verde wines serve as both a refreshing summer drink and a delicious accompaniment to light seafood dishes and desserts.


The Douro River Valley in Northern Portugal has not only gained world-wide recognition for its full-bodied and high-quality reds, but the scenic river valley was named a top ten international wine destination by Forbes Magazine.

Wine critics have also taken note of the reds produced in the hot and arid Alentejo. Located on the border of Spain, Alentejo winemakers produce full-bodied, fruity reds and light, oaky whites. These wines can both stand up to hearty dishes and be enjoyed on their merits alone.


The Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture says that all indicators point to a great wine harvest this fall across Portugal, with production increasing 9% over the 2008-2009 harvest. Portugal will see across the board growth in every wine region except for the Tejo Valley.


The combination of good grape growing conditions, sun, and the right amount of rain have lead to what might be a bumper harvest for Portuguese wines. For 2009-2010 Portugal is predicted to produce some 610 million liters of wine. Wine production has increased in Portugal over the last decade.


Since 2007, sales of Portuguese table wines have jumped by 40 percent in the United States and Portuguese red wine sales increased 125 percent Eight percent of Portugal’s distinctive landscape is devoted to vineyards. The result is a wide variety of quality wines, each with their own personality.


Portuguese wines are versatile and with a wide variety of flavors, there is a wine to pair with nearly every dish. The reds are well-matched with lamb, steaks and pork, but aren’t too heavy to pair with poultry dishes. Refreshing and crisp, the whites go well with grilled fish, salads and other summery foods, as well as steaky fish like swordfish or tuna.

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