The End of the Recession

What does the tail end of a recession look like?


The grocery industry is about to find out and there are a few dangerous avenues out there. Grocery stores, as we know, have weathered the current recession in better shape than virtually any other type of retailer. The reason is simple; people have to eat and there is no place that is more affordable and convenient than the grocery store to purchase the products to feed a family.


As the recession comes to a stuttering conclusion, some consumers may be just a bit too eager to return to their old practices of eating out. That does not bode well for the grocery industry, particularly those retailers who have failed to win new customers over with aggressive merchandising programs and convenient stores.


Now grocery retailers have to work harder. They have to convince shoppers that they can still get a great meal at the supermarket. That means offering a number of choices in a lot of different aisles. It also means making it as simple as possible for the consumer to shop the store.

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