One on One with… Carlo M. Govia

Grocery Headquarters: What are some of the things driving consumers, retailers and consumer goods companies to digital promotions?
Carlo M. Govia: For consumers, the transaction is so much easier and inviting. For retailers and consumer goods companies, there is a real opportunity for one-to-one marketing. It is one thing to get consumers to download a coupon to their phones. It is another thing to have the business intelligence to understand what is driving consumer behavior. What we offer are the tools to help our clients analyze behavioral and demographic data to optimize their promotional efforts.

What are the redemption rates of digital coupons vs. paper coupons?
What we are finding is that the rate of redemption of Samplesaint mobile coupons is significantly higher than that of traditional paper coupons. Traditional paper coupons are redeemed at a rate of around 1.27%, while Samplesaint mo­bile coupons consumers are pushing the redemption rate into double digits, primarily because mobile consumers are highly engaged, which presents more opportunities.

How can consumers access Samplesaint coupons?
There are three ways that consumers can interact with Samplesaint. They can select coupons at their leisure through our website at They can also access coupons on their phones at any time through our mobile site at In addition, they can text a code to get a specific coupon or coupons while in store.

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