2010 Issues


Health care debate
As the first provisions of health care reform begins to take effect, some industry executives express concerns.

Almost Heaven
With hard-to-find groceries, Black Angus meats and "gianormous" homemade cookies, Betty's Country Store is a shopper's nirvana.

Crisp and creamy
Packaged salads and refrigerated dressings are popular with consumers looking for healthy meal ideas.

Slick self-service solutions
Grocers are using advanced self-service checkouts and kiosks to augment customer service.


Private label zeal
With lower price tags, high margins and a chance for uniqueness, more retailers are expanding their private label assortments.

Saving steps
Sales of value-added produce remain strong as consumers seek faster meals and healthier snacks.

Natural appeal
When priced competitively, private label wellness products can attract consumers focused on value.

Local flavor
Store designs are reflecting the history and vibe of the communities they serve.


Retail executive of the year
Supervalu's Shawne Murphy Johnson refreshes the center store.

Pour it on
While beer is heavily promoted throughout the summer, consistent merchandising can bring steady sales all year long.

High on the hog
Rising consumption and innovative new products are boosting pork sales and margins.

Long-lasting energy
Vitamins, supplements and energy drinks are boosting the bottom line.


Performance driven
Nash Finch Co. has been named 2010 GHQ's Wholesaler of the Year.

Cold front
New and drastically improved items are transforming the frozen dinner case.

Cry me a river… of sales
The continued interest in at home cooking has increased the demand for all types of onions.

HBC gets noticed
Retailers that arrange their HBC assortments to better meet their customers' needs can succeed in this challenging category.


Mighty good eating
Manufacturers are revamping mainstream grocery products by eliminating sodium, trans fats, sugar and other "unhealthy" ingredients.

Class act
By catering to University of Wisconsin students, Fresh Madison Market scores an easy A.

Making the grade
The back-to-school season provides retailers with a chance to contribute to the wellness of children.

Easy on energy
Equipment manufacturers are offering solutions to keep a cap on costs.


Safe & sound
A vast array of safety and security measures ensures our food supply is the safest it's ever been.

Use your noodle
An influx of better-for-you varieties ensures long-term success and profitability of the pasta category.

Mixing and matching
Salad options expand beyond the traditional as consumers search for convenient ways to eat healthier.

Waging a war on shrink
Supermarkets bolster loss prevention efforts by integrating analytics into existing anti-theft solutions.


Higher Learning
Executive development programs can help grocery retailers groom their rising stars.

The Golden Egg
A top-to-bottom remodel at Hen House Markets' flagship store is something to crow about.

The case for dairy
Experts say natural and organic dairy sales are back on track thanks to innovative products and heightened consumer awareness.

Baby talk
Value, product innovation and social media outreach are driving sales in the competitive baby care category.


No stopping these guys
Innovation plays a big role at Stop & Shop, GHQ's 2010 Retailer of the Year.

Tickled cherry blossom pink
Improved packaging and promotions, along with the expectation of an excellent crop, drive cherry sales.

Home is where the housewares are
As some forward-thinking food retailers dedicate more space to housewares, sales are beginning to rise.

Hot stove
Supermarkets are installing high-end cooking equipment that is simple to use and efficient.


Perfect game
The Berkeley Bowl West bowls over customers with a sparkling industrial-chic store.

The power of produce
The produce department remains the heart of the supermarket.

Circling the wagons
In a battered economy, are retailers doing enough to encourage growth in health and wellness?

Bouncing back
The industry remains committed to sustainability and self-checkout options as store size holds steady.


Front and center
Center store remains the backbone of the grocery store industry, making it vital that retailers seek to rebuild the department.

Mediterranean magic
Experts predict olive oil sales will double over the next decade.

New beginnings
Hot, cold and frozen, there is a steady stream of healthier and convenient breakfast choices.

Face forward
An infusion of new products helps to invigorate the men's grooming category.


Breathing new life into nonfoods
Focusing on customer needs and food-related items can help drive more traffic to HBC and GM aisles.

Red hot in Rhode Island
An outstanding array of perishables and hard-to-find local groceries makes Dave's Fresh Marketplace is an Ocean State favorite.

Addressing Food Allergies
A host of allergen-free foods are expected to hit the shelves this year.

Locking the data vault
Retailers need to be vigilant about securing the avalanche of data they collect everyday.


Spectacular Schnucks
Its unique shopping environment helped Schnucks become GHQ's Independent Retailer of the Year.

Super spuds
Potato growers are grabbing the side dish spotlight with eye-popping promotions and value-added products.

On the path to wellness
GHQ's Trailblazer Awards recognize excellence in 19 health and wellness categories.

Minding the pharmacy counter
A GHQ survey finds that retailers have lots of issues with their pharmacy section.