Informative employees make all the difference


I’ll admit upfront I have little tolerance for inept sales clerks – from those who can’t be bothered to help to those who are mentally somewhere else when asked a question. But I also am proud to say that when I am in store and feel there has been exceptional customer service I will also speak up. Case in point — before this weekend, Best Buy is a chain that I had come to avoid. Not only had my in-store experiences with them been painful my online experience too. But, not having any other choice when it comes to electronics, I begrudgingly ventured into one of their locations a few days ago looking for some cell phone accessories. Yes, I’m finally giving in and getting an iphone.


While I’m looking forward to the App world that I am about to enter and the ability to have email access wherever I am thrills me to no end I was nervous about some reports noting how easy it is to damage these phones and how expensive they are to replace. Armed with some buying tips my cable man offered me on one of his many recent visits to my house (more on that in my next blog), I went looking for a case that would help protect my phone. Who knew there were so many styles and colors as well as choices for screen shields?


I fast went from making a quick purchase to needing help discerning which to pick. Hesitantly I called a sales person over and to my surprise he actually knew what he was talking about, easily guiding my husband and me through qualities and features I should focus on. When we both settled on the same case and I lamented aloud about the color choices that appealed to me the salesperson suggested a few online companies I could check for more options and better pricing.


Then, and get ready, he offered to check us out at a satellite register where we were standing so that we didn’t need to wait on line at the front of the store. Wow, is all I can say. I made sure to tell Chad that thanks to him I had my first positive encounter in Best Buy and noted I might even come back again because of this experience. He mentioned that the company website welcomes customer comments and gave me simple instructions on how to go about doing that, even writing it down on my receipt. And I did take the time to let the company know about my experience because I believe that just as much as we jump on passing along bad experiences we owe it to these companies to offer positive feedback as well. And with any luck, Chad will be rewarded for his efforts which in turn will motivate him going forward.


How about your company? Do customers have a way to let you know when an employee has stood out?



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