Supply chain screening


Good News! The Dallas Museum of Art has qualified as a certified cargo screening facility under new regulations from the Transportation Security Administration. However, you may have to wait a little longer for those grapes from South America or that shrimp from Southeast Asia.


Not to pick on poor Chile or Thailand, but there’s been very little conversation in the blogosphere or elsewhere about the impact on the global supply chain from new TSA screening regulations set to begin on August 1. Basically, they require 100% screening of all air cargo coming into the U.S.


I’m all for security-especially on cargo in the belly of passenger planes. But there is concern out there about what increased security initiatives means to the supply chain logistics, how shippers and how freight forwarders are going to deal with the inevitable bottlenecks in the system-not to mention a 10-15% cost increase for landed product, according to some industry sources.


One of the more efficient scenarios, if not one of the scariest in terms of security, is when one importer told me that to alleviate supply problems shipments could be sent to Canada which has no screening regulations. And you were worried about Mexico!



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