Tops Friendly Markets Receives Award From International Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y.  – Tops Friendly Markets, a leading full-service grocery retailer in upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania, has been honored by the International Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) for the creation of the paper sneaker, now widely used in international JDRF fundraising campaigns.  The award was presented at the 2010 International Juvenile Diabetes Conference in Washington, D.C. 


In 1993, a Tops Markets associate designed the sneaker, and in the past 12 years of its sale, over $55 million has been raised. Tops’ 17-year corporate contribution to the JDRF campaign totals more that $6.7 million. 


“We are proud of our associates, who are the driving force behind Tops Markets annual JDRF fundraising efforts,” said Frank Curci, Tops Markets president and CEO. “In additional to the sale of the JDRF paper sneakers, our stores host hot dog sales, golf outings, contests, tournaments and raffles, all in support of the foundation, and Tops’ mission to help improve the quality of life for children.”


The conference celebrated the 40th anniversary of the JDRF.  When looking over the accomplishments of the past 40 years, the foundation found it necessary to present Tops Markets with a special award of honor for its contributions.  


“I am delighted to see that Tops Markets has been recognized for creating the JDRF paper sneaker,” said Karen Swierski, Executive Director of the Western New York JDRF chapter. “Over 80 chapter and affiliates from across the world were present to thank Tops for all they’ve done to further our research initiatives.”  



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