Try it again, you’ll like it

A friend of mine called the other night, as usual wanting to go out to dinner. He’s been living in his new home for several months now, but still hasn’t gotten around to buying a new stove.


I had just finished making some gluten-free pasta that had been sent to the office, so I invited him over. He declined, not really enthused by the idea of gluten-free pasta. I assured him that I had tried it and enjoyed it, but he was unconvinced and ordered pizza.


I got a similar reaction when I offered the pasta samples to some of my officemates. Few seemed keen to try it. I think they just assumed the taste wouldn’t be up to par.


I grew up across the street from a first-generation Italian family, so I know what good pasta tastes like. This was no Sunday dinner at the Viola’s, but it certainly stacked up to many conventional pastas I’ve come across in the supermarket aisle.


Early attempts at gluten-free products fell flat. But the innovative companies in this segment kept working to improve the taste and many have succeeded. For supermarkets that have cut back on their gluten-free offerings because customers said the quality wasn’t there, I say they should try again.


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