Bi-Lo Launches Thrive! Health and Wellness Initiative

GREENVILLE, S.C. (June 21, 2010) – Because consumers are interested in making healthier food choices for themselves and their families, BI-LO has launched a new health and wellness initiative called BI-LO thrive!, which includes a full-time registered dietitian on staff to educate shoppers about healthy living alternatives.  Monica Amburn, RD, LD, will provide customers with free health and wellness tips, while showing shoppers that buying healthier foods can be affordable and easy to find in BI-LO stores. 


Amburn will spearhead BI-LO’s efforts to offer nutrition and wellness solutions and help shoppers and their families achieve a balanced way of life.  In addition to interacting with customers in stores and at BI-LO-sponsored events, Amburn will also write a quarterly magazine featuring healthy cooking tips, fun fitness facts and other lifestyle recommendations.  This magazine is free to all shoppers and is available in-store at all thrive! product displays.  BI-LO thrive! will be supported by radio and circular advertisements, where program-specific items will be called out in detail by Amburn.


“We are delighted to have Monica on board to help assist our customers and to bring BI-LO thrive! to all BI-LO shoppers,” said Michael Byars, president and CEO of BI-LO.  “The addition of thrive! is just one more example of our commitment to the communities we serve and how we strive to provide customers healthy savings without sacrifice.”


An important component of BI-LO thrive! is the two-way interaction between Amburn and BI-LO customers.  In addition to the face time customers will have with her at periodic store visits and at company-sponsored events, consumers can contact Amburn at any time via email at for wellness, food and cooking related questions and comments.


“Today’s consumers are taking a more active role in managing wellness for themselves and their families,” said Amburn.  “Being from the South, I understand the heritage of southern cooking.  I’m excited to combine my knowledge and experience in nutrition and healthy eating with the fresh, quality products BI-LO offers every day.”

“The most important concept I want to communicate to customers is that they have the power of choice when shopping at BI-LO,” Amburn continued.  “Through the thrive! magazine and my one-on-one interaction with shoppers, I want to show everyone that healthier options are available at all BI-LO stores.  Making better shopping decisions and small lifestyle changes can make a huge impact on overall health and well-being, and I look forward to showing BI-LO customers how to learn more about healthier living.”

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