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A look at some of the products that will be featured at IDDBA’s Dairy-Deli-Bake 2010 in Houston on June 6-8.

By Carol Radice


More singles sensations
Dairy Farmers of America, the farmer-owned cooperative that makes Borden Cheese, is adding two varieties to its Singles Sensations line of cheese—Chipotle Cheddar and Hickory Smoked Swiss. Company executives say Singles Sensations redefine traditional American singles with restaurant flavors.

Raising the cream cheese bar
Weight Watchers Cream Cheese Bar has 1 gram of fiber per serving and 40% less fat than regular cream cheese spreads. The bars are perfect for baking, cooking, dips and spreads, according to company officials. Weight Watchers Spreadable Wedges come in four flavors: Original Swiss; Garlic & Herb; Parmesan Peppercorn; and Jalapeño Pepper.

Mozzarella medallions
Lioni Latticini’s all-natural 1-ounce, pre-sliced, fresh mozzarella medallions are made from 100% whole cow’s milk and are packaged in water for optimum shelf life to insure quality and freshness. According to company officials, the product is ideal for sandwiches, appetizers and Caprese salads.
Log-shaped brie

Lactalis Deli brings convenience and versatility to the category with its Président Brie 6-ounce log. Easy to cut, serve and eat, slices fit perfectly on a cracker and its thin, edible rind adds to its rich taste, company officials note.

Smooth and tangy
Tillamook’s Natural Sour Cream has a smooth, tangy flavor, according to company officials. They say the product is made simply with cultured, pasteurized Grade-A cream and milk that comes from cows that have not been given artificial growth hormones.

Spreadable cheese, flavorful fetas
Karoun’s Labne is a Mediterranean-style spreadable all-natural yogurt cheese with a distinctive tangy flavor that is creamier and thicker than yogurt, making it an ideal alternative to cream cheese and sour cream, according to company officials. Karoun’s All Natural Creamy Mediterranean Style Feta Basket Cheese is available in Original Creamy, Green Olives & Thyme, Kalamata Olives & Thyme and Sun Dried Tomato & Thyme.

European-style butter
Plugrá European-Style Butter from the Global Dairy Products Group division of Dairy Farmers of America, is now quartered for convenience and available in 1-pound packages. The butter is available in salted and unsalted varieties.


Handy seafood
Dockside Classics Crab Dockquitos and Buffalo Shrimp Dockquitos from Seafood America are made with unique stuffings that are hand-rolled into spiced corn tortillas. The items are never frozen, according to company executives, and come with a 28-day guarantee.

Spicy soup
Kettle Cuisine’s Southeast Asian-inspired soup is made with all-natural beef sautéed with garlic and carmelized onions. Hand-crafted beef stock is infused with lemongrass stalks, star anise and red chilis, and carrots and brown rice are added. Company executives say fresh cilantro and basil provide a balanced finish.

Sausage variety packs
Old Wisconsin Sausage is introducing several variety packs. Bit Bite Box includes Pepperoni-flavored Bites, Beef Sausage Bites and Turkey Sausage Bites. The Big Snack Pack includes Sliced Pepperoni, Beef Sausage Bites and Sliced Beef Salami. The Gridiron Pack contains 8 ounces of hardwood-smoked Beef Snack Bites and 2 ounces of queso sauce inside a stadium-shaped tray.

Tasty seafood cakes
Offering high-quality seafood cakes has never been easier with Phillips’ line of Prepared Seafood Cakes. Company officials say Phillips Prepared Seafood Cakes provide superior flavor and variety with 3- and 5-ounce cake sizes and four varities: Phillips Signature Crab Cakes, Maryland Style Crab Cakes, Crab & Shrimp Cakes and Salmon Cakes. Phillips Prepared Seafood Cakes are fully cooked, browned.

Artisan salami
Fratelli Bererra has added three salami varieties—classic, sweet and delicate—all featuring natural mold. The salamis are made using selected pork cuts, mild spices and air dried to enhance their flavor, accordingto company officials.

Seafood dip
Legal Sea Foods Lobster, Shrimp and Crab dip from Blount Fine Foods includes only premium seafood, company executives note. Other flavors include, Crab & Ale, Clam and Smoked Salmon & Spinach.

Buffalo chicken meatballs
Buffalo Style Chicken Meatballs from Rosina Food Products are the answer to chicken wings without the mess, company officials say. Made from chicken breast meat and hot sauce, these meatballs can be used in wraps, casseroles, party dips and as a pizza topping.

Pop a pickle
Van Holten added a sweet and tangy flavor to its pickle-in-a-pouch line. Three sizes of sweet pickles are now available in the standard packaging in addition to the latest character pickle, Lil Sweetie.

Better breakfast
Imperial Food Services has added a sausage, egg and cheese muffin breakfast sandwich under its Premium Sandwich Collection (PSC) line of breakfast sandwiches. The English muffin, biscuit and croissant sandwiches feature top-grade meats, eggs and cheese, according to company officials. The PSC hearty sandwiches come in individually wrapped four-packs that are ready from the microwave in seconds.

VOILA! toppings
Mario Sardo Sales, manufacturer of olives, antipasti, spreads, tapenades and sandwich toppings in bulk and retail, is introducing VOILA!, a line of spreads, pestos and relishes. Company officials say the line will be available in retail and food service formats.

Flatbread melts
Flatbread Melts from Stefano Foods are fully baked, packaged in 6.75-ounce contemporary black plastic clamshells, pre-labeled and shipped frozen for refrigerated deli merchandising. Designed for the microwave, the line is made with quality meats, 100% real cheese and fresh vegetables, according to company officials. Flatbread Melts are available in Southwest Beef, Chicken Broccoli, Chicken Club and Three Meat varieties.

Natural dips
Santa Barbara Bay, makers of award-winning, premium deli-style dips, salads and spreads introduces their All Naturals line. According to company officials, the line is made fresh to order using locally sourced all-natural ingredients and available in eight varieties: Home-Style Spinach, Creamy Mediterranean, Savory Seafood Spread, Chunky Artichoke, Roasted Garlic Ranch, French Onion, Garden Dill and Seafood Veggie.

Heart-healthy oil
Whole Harvest Foods offers all-natural, expeller pressed oil for food service and retail. Officials note that Expeller Pressed Oil retains naturally occurring vitamin E and heart-healthy omega-3. The extended fry life lowers the overall cost of operation.

Dipping into flavor
Olive and Red Pepper Tapenade and Limited Edition Arugula Pesto from CIBO Naturals are now available through Monterey Gourmet Foods. The company also has Organic Edamame dips from Emerald Valley Kitchen in Classic and Ginger Wasabi flavors. Company executives say the dips are a healthy option to serve with chips and vegetables.

Party on
The Cutting Board Collection Party Tray from Hormel includes Italian Dry Salami, smoked Gouda cheese, upscale crackers and a bamboo cutting board. The Hormel Tailgate Tray will be available Aug. 1 to Oct. 1, according to company officials. This football-shaped tray includes a national promotion this fall in conjunction with Hormel Pepperoni and Hormel Chili.

Cajun fried turkey
Company officials say the authentic Cajun spices in Prater’s Cajun Fried Turkey add a unique twist to a dinner favorite. Deep fried in peanut oil and ready to heat and serve, the turkey can be sold as part of a complete dinner or sold separately.

Colorful antipasti
DeLallo’s Provolini Antipasti is a colorful mix of green and black Manzanilla olives, button mushrooms, sweet red pepper and cubes of aged provolone. The antipasti is refrigerated and comes packed in two 5-pound bags.

Classic and fresh
Wholly Salsa Snack Packs are available in Classic variety—including mild, medium and hot—and a sweeter Garden Fresca version. Both are packaged in 3.6-ounce individual portion-control cups, four per sleeve. The company’s Wholly Queso is a 14-ounce cheese dip, available in Blanco and Classic flavors.

Mini hummus
Award-winning hummus flavors from Summer Fresh Salad are now conveniently packaged in four single- serve portions. Perfect for lunches, company officials say they can also serve as a snack with crackers or vegetables or before a workout. Available in Original, Roasted Red Pepper and Roasted Garlic flavors and under 100 calories per serving, the vegetarian Kosher hummus is gluten and lactose free.


Cream cheese filled muffins
Double Chocolate Cream Cheese and Carrot Cake Cream Cheese varieties have been added to Bake’n Joy’s FreshBakes line of premium 6.25-ounce, pre-deposited muffin batters. The jumbo, specialty muffins are packed 75 per case. Company officials say that because they are made with only high-quality ingredients and developed to be super moist, these muffins bake off beautifully and look and taste great.

Candy crunch
Made with bits of candy crunch, Susanna’s Natural Gourmet Shortbread Cookies are baked in small batches, company officials note, and are finished by hand rolling them in powdered sugar. The cookies are available in Strawberry, Key Lime, Lemon and Butterscotch.

Frozen pretzel breads
Labriola Baking’s frozen pretzel breads and rolls are made the traditional artisan way and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, according to company officials. Custom signature items can be developed based on volume requirements.

Filled shortbread cookies
Embarking on an entirely new style of cookie, Jacqueline’s has turned to old-fashioned recipes to create its lineup of filled shortbread cookies. Company executives say the cookies feature all-natural ingredients, including farm-fresh butter and preserves.

Sensible cupcakes
Only 120 calories, Brill’s thaw-and-sell Sensibly Indulgent Cupcakes come pre-labeled and pre-packaged in a 6-count clamshell. Yellow cupcakes are available with vanilla or lemon frosting and chocolate cupcakes are available with chocolate or mocha frosting.

Mini croccantinis
Croccantini Minis from La Panzanella are available in six popular flavors—Rosemary, Original, Sesame, Black Pepper, Garlic and Whole Wheat. Company officials say their size makes the mini flatbreads perfect for snacking. Available in 6-ounce packages, they are all natural, low in fat, dairy free, vegan and certified Kosher.

Pita bagels
Handi Foods introduces its Pita Bagel, which company officials say has a softer bite and less bread than a traditional bagel. Available in a variety of flavors, the four-inch Pita Bagel comes packaged six bagels per bag. It has the shape and characteristics of a 4-ounce bagel, but weighs just 2.5-ounces.

Fillo and pizza dough
Kronos introduced two products to help supermarkets enhance their deli menus. Pre-Oiled Fillo Dough is the only fillo of its kind, according to company officials, and allows grocers to create unique dishes without the labor and waste of traditional fillo. Kronos Flatbread Pizza Crusts come in 12- and 16-inch sizes, for service deli or take-and-bake.

Spicy cheesesticks
Whole grain WheatSticks from John Wm. Macy’s are available in Jalapeño Cheddar and Garlic Romano. The all-natural, twisted WheatSticks are made from thin layers of whole wheat sourdough, aged cheeses and select seasonings, then cut into strips, twisted and baked twice, according to company officials.

Cake on a roll
The Father’s Table expanded its Cake Roll lineup with Chocolate, Red Velvet and Strawberry varieties. Company executives say the moist, fluffy cake is wrapped around cream cheese. The company’s shelf stable cake rolls feature a butter cream filling and have a 10-day shelf life. The cakes are available in Pumpkin, Carrot, Lemon, Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Velvet as well as Angel Food with a strawberry filling.

European café breads
Bridor is introducing a line of European Café Breads. The company’s Artisan French Baguette differentiates itself with its pointed ends, subtle French Levain taste and thin, crispy crust, according to officials. The Viennois Sandwich roll, also part of the European Café Bread line, has a soft crust and brioche taste.

Multi-layer sheet cakes
The Original Cakerie’s multi-layer cream cakes are now available in sheet, 6- and 24-cut formats, company officials say, and use only top-quality ingredients and have no trans fat per serving. They are available in a variety of flavors, including Triple Berry Mouse.

Classic baguette
Chabaso Bakery introduced its Classic Baguette, which company officials describe as a light, crusty, hand-crafted, all-natural, hearth-baked artisan baguette bread with no preservatives or trans fats.

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