Ultimate multi-taskers

When it comes to deli and bakery equipment, grocers look for systems that can perform a variety of tasks while maintaining high output and quality.

By Kim Ann Zimmermann & Carol Radice

To meet the demands of multi-tasking consumers who are popping into the supermarket in between soccer games and ballet lessons to grab the family meal, supermarkets need deli and bakery equipment that can pull double-duty and more.

They also want equipment that will fit into smaller spaces without sacrificing the performance of larger ovens. Tom Moore, director of sales and marketing for ITW Bakery Systems, based in Orting, Wash., says the industry is working to fill these tall orders with innovative, energy-saving products that can seamlessly go from baking morning pastries to preparing meatloaf for a grab-and-go dinner.

“For example, we’ve developed a system that can bake bagels without having to turn the pan,” he says. “That saves labor and energy, as the doors don’t have to be opened to let out expensive heat, and the oven can be used for a number of different items, so you don’t have the expense of a dedicated piece of equipment.”

As supermarket executives head to the IDDA’s Dairy-Deli-Bake 2010, here is a look at some of the latest cooking and merchandising options for the deli and bakery departments.

Cool heated merchandisers
Fri-Jado’s Multi-Deck self-serve heated merchandisers come in a variety of configurations—in 25- and 45-inch wide units with three- or five-level displays. Company officials say the units allow hot, pre-packaged snacks and meal solutions to be merchandised almost anywhere in the store. Hot air is blown from the front of the shelf and circulates within the shelf surface resulting in optimum air circulation around the hot product. As the Multi Deck has limited height it can easily be installed as an aisle end or integrated in a deli department without blocking customers’ view. The large glass surface and lighting on each shelf draw extra attention to products, which can boost impulse sales, according to company officials. www.frijado.com/usa.

Hot food anywhere
The versatile Hot Food Module from Alto-Shaam is now available in a new 24-inch width, model HFM-24. According to company officials, the 24-inch x 24-inch size is perfect for small surface areas that need heated surface capabilities. Alto-Shaam Hot Food Modules allows the user to combine their own solid surface material with a Halo Heat base-heated recessed thermal shelf for a perfect décor match. The heat-adjustable module provides optimal radiant surface temperature maintenance for serving or carving and can be built into any new or existing service line. All Alto-Shaam Hot Food Modules are offered in 24-inch widths and 24, 30, 48-, and 72-inch lengths. www.alto-shaam.com.

Self-cleaning rotisserie
Hobart’s KA7E Self-Cleaning Rotisserie offers press-and-go capability that combines one button cooking and one button cleaning for simplified operation. The equipment can store up to 99 programs, according to company officials. Pressing the “clean” button activates the self-cleaning process and eliminates the need for dissembling the rotor and fan blades, something usually required in traditional rotisseries. This feature saves approximately 60 to 90 minutes per day in labor typically needed to clean a rotisserie oven. www.hobartcorp.com.

Nesting racks
With the same tried-and-true, patented space-saving design of its Z-FRAME Nesting Racks, M&E Manufacturing Co.’s N-FRAME Nesting Racks are built to withstand the daily stresses of a foodservice operation with supermarket-specific gauges of stainless steel tubing.  According to company officials, N-FRAME Nesting Racks are available through select foodservice dealers in bakery and oven configurations at a competitive price. They say the N-FRAME nesting racks eliminates racks with missing runners, falling pans of products and empty racks cluttering the workspace. www.nframerack.com.

Strong mixer
The SP5 from Globe Food Equipment Co. is a 5-quart commercial power mixer. The strongest mixer in its class for mixing dough and other applications, the SP5 presents the perfect blend of power and performance, according to company officials. The SP5 has a rigid cast aluminum body, high-torque gear drive, 10 variable speeds, 800-watt motor, #10 attachment hub, electronic speed and load control, heavy-duty stainless steel bowl, flat beater, wire whip, dough hook and a polycarbonate splash cover with ingredient chute. www.globeslicers.com, 937-299-5493.

Rotating rack oven
Baxter’s rotating rack ovens are built to reduce the amount of energy used in baking, roasting and reheating a variety of food. Each oven is installed with a programmable energy-saving idle mode. Using the idle mode factory setting time of 90 minutes, energy usage can be reduced by 89%, according to company officials. The oven’s steam system also acts as a heat reservoir to prevent heat loss when doors are opened and to ensure faster heat recovery. The glass used for viewing also improves heat retention, resulting in lower energy costs and a reduced amount of heat emitted into a bakery. www.baxterbakery.com.

Mini chipper
The Mini Chip Slicer from Oliver Packaging & Equipment Co. affords the foodservice operator the opportunity to cash in their chips; that is to transform bread products into tasty, seasoned chips, bruschetta, or whatever your culinary imagination can dream up, according to company officials. Buns, bagels, baguettes can be sliced on the Mini Chip Slicer. Slice thickness options are 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch.  The chips can then be seasoned with sweet or savory flavor profiles. www.oliverquality.com/minichip

Protecting baked goods
Crystal Seal Bakery Pak protects bakery items such as brownies and cookies from store to home.  Company executives say the packaging’s angled back wall supports allow eye-catching items to be prominently displayed. The packaging is made from EcoStar Recycled PET, which provides superior clarity through both top and sides of the package to promote in-store sales. www.placon.com/food.

Packaging options
Microwavable OctaView and Expressions food containers from InnoWare can be used for display, prepared meals and foodservice. Company officials say the three-compartment option helps with portion control. Hinged OctaViews feature consumer-friendly tear-away lids, leak guard seals and easy closures. Two-piece Expressions feature trendy plate-like bases, which also fit PETE lids. www.innowareinc.com.

Tamper-evident containers
Sabert’s tamper-evident containers keep food sealed, fresh and untouched. Clear view lids and a unique design keep food presentations safe and looking great, company officials note. Containers are offered in a range of sizes, from 8- to 64-ounce. www.sabert.com.

Market tray
In addition to cookies, Sunrise Packaging Group’s Cookie Market Tray can be used for pastries and catering. The trays are made from recycled cardboard, according to company officials, and come in red, silver, gold and a wicker basket pattern. The trays are available in small, medium and large sizes and rectangle and hexagon shapes. www.shrinkbagsandmore.com.

Skewer washer
The company’s Skewer Washer is a non-caustic, deep-cleaning and efficient cleaning system, according to officials from Power Soak. The system uses Power Soak’s wash flow technology along with a carousel wash rack to battle the safety, time and cost burdens of cleaning large volumes of skewers that high volume rotisserie operators face today. www.powersoak.com.

Euro bakery table
A melamine butcher block riser and bakery Euro table are among the new equipment offerings from FFR-DSI. The chip-resistant risers give the impressive look of wood, but with the sanitation and durability of melamine and provide a unique, economical display solution, according to company executives. FFR-DSI’s bakery Euro Table is made of maple with a cherry finish. Heavy-duty casters allow the table to be easily moved. The 48” x 36” slatted merchandising area accommodates a wide range of products. www.ffr-dsi.com.

Chicken in a pouch
Robbie’s rotisserie pouch is designed to hold a standard-size rotisserie chicken. Created with a modern matte finish, company officials say the eco-friendly, resealable pouch has a built in handle for easy carrying, is microwave safe and leak resistant. www.robbieflexibles.com.

Lock in freshness
Officials at PWP Industries are offering retailers an opportunity to lock out tampering and lock in freshness with the introduction of its new Tamper-Resistant Rectangular Containers. The innovative, patented design is leak resistant, eliminates the need for shrink bands and is made with a minimum of 25% post-consumer recycled PETE. www.pwpindustries.com.

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