Will work for food

Grocery stores have traditionally been a great place to work for young people getting their start in the world and for retirees looking for ways to fill their day and supplement their income.  It may be time to add a third category to that list.  


As it stands, the federal government has decided not to extend certain unemployment benefits. Never mind the reasoning for a moment, this news should generate some interest for our nation’s grocers.


As millions of out of work citizens benefits run out, how many of those will attempt to return to their childhood roots of stocking shelves or working the front end of the local supermarket in order to make ends meet? I would not be surprised if a fair amount did so, which raises an interesting dilemma for hiring managers.


Do they hire the over qualified worker, who is motivated by the need to pay bills and who may leave as soon as they find a more suitable job, the inexperienced younger person with no real responsibility or the retiree?       


As I said, an interesting dilemma for hiring managers.

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