Creating a Convert

I have never been one of those “green” consumers. I don’t feed into the slogans being bandied about that we need to “save the planet” or “protect the Earth.” The planet was doing fine long before we arrived and will continue to do so long after we depart.


Now, that said, my household has converted to natural cleaners and the like, (my wife’s doing; she says she doesn’t want the baby around the chemicals). At first I was against it. I argued with my wife on a semi-regular basis… “Generations grew up with chemical cleaners and there is nothing wrong with them…. blah… blah… blah.” Of course it all fell upon deaf ears.


I also cited the typical arguments: that they don’t clean as well, they have a funky odor, they cost too much. After nine months I hate to admit it, but not only have I grown accustomed to these natural cleaners, I also have to admit that my prior complaints didn’t hold any water. So now, not only have I stopped complaining to my wife about using them, I actually find myself looking for other “green” products, like recycled paper towel and napkins, to see if they work just as well as their traditional counterparts.


For retailers its proof that with simple consumer trial many these “green” products will sell. If I can convert, then anybody can.


Of course, now that the baby is ready to eat real foods, my wife says “she is going to only eat organic.”


Let the arguments begin.

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