MyWebGrocer Expands

MyWebGrocer, with the nation’s largest online grocery audience, has announced tremendous growth in the reach of its advertising platform. The company’s audience was already the largest in the nation at 2.4 million unique grocery shoppers and planners. Now that number has grown to 5.3 million people, more than doubling the total and cementing MyWebGrocer’s position of leadership in the market.


MyWebGrocer CEO Rich Tarrant attributed the company’s success and enhanced reach to the addition of new grocery retailers, as well as the expansion of relationships with existing clients. “Major retailers have seen the value that MyWebGrocer brings to their efforts to connect with customers. Grocery giants like Kroger, which has 17 different retail banners, Winn Dixie, and Food Lion and Bloom, have all joined the MyWebGrocer network this year,” said Tarrant.


“At the same time, our existing clients – retailers like A&P, Raley’s and others – are taking advantage of our new digital tools, giving them greater possibilities for targeted ad placements at the point of decision. The combination is fueling amazing growth for our Retailers’ and MyWebGrocer while also satisfying increased demand from CPG advertisers.”

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