CSM Bakery Products North America launches line of cupcakes

CSM Bakery Products North America launched a line of cupcakes that consumers will not feel guilty about devouring. Sensibly Indulgent cupcakes contain zero grams of trans fat, 58% less saturated fat than typical frosted cupcakes and only 120 calories but still taste great. “Consumers are increasingly concerned about nutrition and saturated fat intake for themselves and their families,” says Jen Volpe, marketing services manager. In fact, according to CSM market research, the top three attributes consumers prefer in a better-for-you cake include reduced saturated fat (preferred by 62% of consumers), zero trans fat (62%) and reduced calories (59%).


CSM offers a number of reduced-fat bakery products, but this is the first better-for-you cupcake. “We saw a big lift in small- and bite-sized desserts because of the economy and more health-conscious consumers,” says Sabrin Dutta, consumer insights manager. “Our research showed us that consumers are still looking for indulgences and they want bakery products that are healthier but also taste good.”


The cupcakes come in four varieties: Yellow cupcake with vanilla or lemon frosting and chocolate cupcake with chocolate or mocha frosting. “The flavors are the result of sensory research that gave participants the chance to taste the cupcakes and give feedback regarding the flavors,” says Dutta. The Sensibly Indulgent frosting has only 80 calories and only 3% saturated fat, compared to 125+ calories typically found in buttercreme icing or whipped topping.


In-store bakery sales are steady. Nielsen research shows that 41% of consumers are eating out less and more consumers want their grocer to provide complete meal solutions. “Cupcakes are driving growth in sweet bakeries, up 12% in volume and 9% in dollars,” says Volpe. “People like the uniqueness of Sensibly IndulgentTM cupcakes and are willing to pay a bit more because they are a low calorie indulgence.


Sensibly Indulgent cupcakes are available in a 6-count retail-ready package and CSM is embarking on an integrated marketing program with in-store merchandising and promotions.  For more information, contact Jen Volpe at Jen.Volpe@csmglobal.com


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