Eating Pemmican Beef Jerky pays off for Safeway shopper

Jan. 17, 2011 / Taylor, Mich. – Marfood announced today that its Pemmican Brand Beef Jerky has awarded its second $1,000 Giveaway winner.

Barbara Dennison of Montara, California purchased Pemmican Brand Beef Jerky from her Safeway store in Pacifica, California just before the Holiday Season of 2010. She is happy that she entered the drawing and ultimately became the second winner of the promotion.

“My daughter loves Pemmican Beef Jerky (ever) since her Dad brought home a bag,” Dennison said. “Pemmican beef jerky was specifically on my shopping list for packing a snack in my daughter’s lunch bag.”

Pemmican Brand’s $1000 Giveaway kicked off in stores in late 2010 and runs for 12 weeks until the end of January 2011 with the final Sweepstakes drawing winner receiving $5,000. Nakia Watkins, Marfood USA Marketing Manager said Pemmican is working hard to speak to shoppers and make sure the market knows now that Pemmican is now owned by Marfood USA-Marfrig Group, the brand is revived and refreshed.

“We are constantly conducting research and speaking with shoppers to ensure that we are putting a product people want in our customers’ stores,” Watkins said. “This $1000 Giveaway and Sweepstakes is our chance to thank those shoppers who continue to support Pemmican Beef Jerky and recognize its difference from the competition.”

To participate in the $1000 Giveaway and $5000 Sweepstakes, shoppers can simply purchase Pemmican at their local retailer and use the entry form provided, or visit for details on how to enter without making a purchase.

Pemmican is one of the top selling national brands of beef jerky in the United States, and one of the oldest, with its rich tradition and history beginning nearly 40 years ago. Pemmican Brand is owned by Marfood USA, a subsidiary of Marfrig Group which is the second largest supplier of proteins in the world with over 150 production facilities globally, nearly 100,000 employees and annual sales exceeding 16.5 Billion.

Marfood USA is the world’s largest Private Label Beef Jerky provider and also produces an extensive line-up of canned beef products including Corned Beef and Chili available for Private Label or its Pampeano Brand.   

Marketing Director, Michael Farley believes activities such as the $1000 Giveaway and Sweepstakes help Marfood USA to achieve its mission.

“The Marfood USA Mission is to represent the values of the company and grow Marfrig Group presence in North America,” Farley said. “We will deliver quality products for shoppers, and smart initiatives to pull that quality off the shelf. We are Marfood USA. We Mean Business.”

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