ShopRite Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Its Famous Can Can Sale

January 6, 2011, (Keasbey, NJ) – For years, ShopRite’s annual Can Can sale has been heralded by a catchy jingle that gets stuck in your head, as performed by dancers straight out of the Moulin Rouge. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of its famous Can Can sale, ShopRite has made it possible for customers to “Get Can Canned” and join the kick line with a fun online app that’s easy to use and share.  Beginning Monday, January 10, visitors to ( can upload their photo onto an animated ShopRite Can Can dancer, recognizable from their annual appearances in ShopRite’s famous commercials.

Created with just a few simple mouse clicks, fans can share their personalized Can Can dancer video with friends via email, their Facebook profile or Twitter feed.

“For years we’ve heard our customers tell us how much they love Can Can and how the Can Can girls have always brought back memories,” said Karen Meleta, corporate spokesperson for ShopRite. “We thought it might be nice to let them get in on the act, kick up their heels and join the ShopRite Can Can line! ShopRite’s Can Can has such a loyal and devoted following – we’ve heard from people who have travelled from as far away as Florida to shop our sale – that we wanted to create something fun to give back to our fans.”

“Get Can Canned” by visiting or by following a link from the ShopRite website ( The app will also be available on the official ShopRite Facebook page ( and Twitter feed (@ShopRiteStores).

Although there are no sales figures available from the early days of ShopRite’s Can Can, the company estimates it has sold more than 3 billion cans over the sale’s 40 year history. This year, for the 40th anniversary, sales are expected to exceed more than 300 million cans and bottles, including more than 50 million cans of vegetables, 72 million cans of soda, 120 million bottles of water, 10 million cans of soup, 3 million cans of tuna, 1 million cans of coffee and 5 million cans of pet food.

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