Snow Problem

With the exception of school children and snow removal contractors, does anybody look forward to an impending snow storm more than food retailers?


Without fail, as soon as weather prognosticators start saying “snow” people rush to their local supermarket to stock up on necessities in anticipation of being cut off from the real world for days. Whether the panic is warranted or not, these weather events provide retailers with the opportunity to earn consumers trust.


On the flip side, if a retailer is looking to lose customers, a sure way is to not come through for them in times of emergency. Obviously it starts with making sure the shelves are well stocked as – hell hath no wrath like a mother who can’t get her kids food – but it is much more than that. During these “weather events” people are usually a bit on edge and want to be in and out as fast as possible. Retailers would be wise add extra staff, reminding them to be on their best behavior as shoppers may be a bit more snarly than usual.


More often than not the snow fall is disappointing. However when mother nature does let us know who is boss, The next step for retailers is clearing out the parking lot, because you can be sure that once the roads are cleared consumers are headed right back to the supermarket to replenish.   

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