Sunflower Farmers Market Unveils New Logo

Boulder, CO —
Sunflower Farmers Market customers noticed an exciting change to their weekly sale flyers – a fresh, all-new Sunflower logo. The new logo adds a visual element to the quality and freshness that have become synonymous with the organic and natural foods grocer, while still utilizing the iconic sunflower and familiar blue and yellow colors.

For the past six months, Sunflower Farmers Market, famous for its “serious food at silly prices,” has been fine-tuning and perfecting their new look. The logo officially debuted in the February 23 sale flyer and on the company’s website, The sale flyers not only feature the new logo, but a refreshed layout with department headers that complement the style of the updated logo.

The chain’s 32 stores will transition to the new logo over the coming months, including the exterior and in-store signage as well as Sunflower’s private label product line. 

The private label products will not only feature the new logo, but completely new packaging design. This redesign extends across a wide spectrum of Sunflower products, including frozen foods, canned goods, grocery items, organic foods, bottled drinks and much more. Sunflower will also launch new grocery bags and t-shirts featuring the new logo.

Sunflower’s new CEO, Chris Sherrell, says the updated logo is just the start of the many exciting things to come to Sunflower.

“While the iconic sunflower and the familiar blue and yellow colors keep the logo recognizable to customers, the refreshed logo is fitting for a company whose future is very bright,” said Sherrell. “With two grand openings on the horizon this spring, as well as new programs, savings and incentives for our customers, we are focused on delivering the very best prices, products and customer service.”

The grocer has 32 stores in six states – Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Texas. A grand opening is scheduled for Salt Lake City, UT in March, and another in Roseville, CA in April. These two stores will be the first to feature the new Sunflower logo.

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