BI-LO Launches Nutrition Tags to Offer Shoppers Easy-To-Find Healthy Food Options

GREENVILLE, S.C. (March 2, 2011) – While most of us try our best to eat healthy and follow nutritional guidelines, it’s almost always easier said than done.  Now BI-LO is helping customers adopt healthy eating habits with the unveiling of storewide nutritional tags, designed to help shoppers easily find the types of foods that meet their individual needs.


Over the next several weeks, nutritional tags will be added to all BI-LO stores, providing shoppers with eye-catching color-coded labels that identify healthful attributes in particular foods.  A clearly marked tag found under each item’s shelf price sticker calls out the product’s specific health benefits at a glance, helping shoppers with specific dietary needs or those who simply want to eat healthier with easy-to-spot icons.


The nutritional tagging system features a wide range of categories established by BI-LO’s registered dietitian Monica Amburn.  Encompassing everyday foods from dairy to frozen products, breads and snacks, vegetables, meats and some fruits, items with a nutrition tag help customers distinguish the types of foods they are looking for when grocery shopping.


Foods with the new tags fall into one or more of the following categories for shoppers’ quick and easy reference:

  • Gluten Free – products like Hodgson Mill® Gluten Free Brown Rice Angel Hair Pasta that do not contain ingredients with gluten.
  • Organic – foods that are grown, prepared and packaged according to approved organic standards, like Muir Glen® Organic Canned Stewed Tomatoes.
  • Sensible Carbs – products limited in sugars and containing no more than 35g of carbohydrates per serving; items like Arnold® 100% Whole Wheat Bread, for example, are made with whole grains or contain at least 2g of dietary fiber per serving.
  • Heart Healthy – low-fat, low saturated fat and low cholesterol food such as Steamfresh® Fresh Frozen Vegetables, with less than 500mg of sodium per serving.
  • Low Sodium – foods like Nature Valley® Oats and Dark Chocolate Granola Bars that contain less than 140mg of sodium per serving.
  • Whole Grain – products like Quaker® Oatmeal, where the first listed ingredient is whole grain or water.
  • Good Source of Fiber – items containing at least 2.5g of fiber per serving and 3g or less of fat, Sunsweet® PlumSmartTM Plum Juice, for example.
  • Low Saturated Fat – foods such as Garden Herb Triscuit® Crackers that contain 1g or less of saturated fat per serving.
  • Good Source of Calcium – products that contain at least 10 percent (100mg) of the recommended daily value of calcium per serving, such as Dannon® Danimals Yogurt.
  • Good Source of Vitamin C – Mott’s® Natural Apple Sauce, or items that contain at least 10 percent (6mg) of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C per serving.
  • Good Source of Vitamin A – foods like Alexia® Frozen Sweet Potato Fries that contain at least 10 percent (500 IU) of the recommended daily value of Vitamin A per serving.


“Nutritional tags are just one of the many programs BI-LO offers its customers to help them create positive habits in leading healthier lifestyles,” said Amburn.  “These tiny additions to our store will help shoppers find foods that are just right for them, whether they are trying to eat healthier or need assistance managing specific health conditions such as diabetes or celiac disease.”


To compliment the nutrition tags, BI-LO pharmacists now offer shoppers complementary “nutrition tip lists.”  Prepared by Amburn, each tip list helps patients better understand how to choose appropriate foods throughout the store to better manage their own health conditions.  For people challenged by issues such heart disease and diabetes, these tip lists are ideal tools to help identify specific types of nutrition tags customers can look for when shopping at BI-LO.  By connecting pharmacy care with cutting-edge nutrition guidance, consumers can enjoy an even better shopping experience at BI-LO.

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