ECRS Introduces LogicSyncTM – A Transformative Retail Technology


BOONE, NC – Appalachian State University (ASU) – March 8, 2011- After five years of extensive development, in-field testing, and collaborative research on behalf of ECRS by students from

Appalachian State University’s Department of Computer Science, ECRS is formally introducing LogicSync, a new proprietary business logic and methodology that dramatically bridges current EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technologies with in-store retail systems. LogicSync is an innovative, cloudcentric technology that greatly extends the ubiquitous EDI standard beyond mere electronic document transmission, and into a transformational store level automation tool for small to mid-size (SMB) retail businesses.


This technology is an industry game changer, allowing SMB retailers to completely automate and streamline fifteen high-labor touch-points such as inventory replenishment, item receiving, price management, supplier promotions, DSD (direct store delivery), new item onboarding, and much more. “The key to LogicSync is that it fulfills what has been the promising but elusive goal of EDI within the SMB retail sector,” stated ECRS President Pete Catoe. “LogicSync dramatically reduces the need for human interaction with common data, both mundane and complex. It does so in part by eliminating redundant labor that exists between supplier and retailer, and by providing the essential infrastructure for a well organized and consistently profitable store operation. Our field results are extraordinary and strongly indicate that LogicSync is no ordinary advancement, but instead a tool to dramatically transform how SMB retailers will do business for years to come.”


LogicSync powers ECRS solutions such as Supplier GatewayTM to enable optimal functionality and user benefit. The ECRS Supplier Gateway provides a portal through which retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and brokers can freely exchange EDI and other electronic document transmissions. It then intuitively routes documents and performs automated functions at the store level. LogicSync intelligence transforms everyday supplier data into an automation performance tool.


“At Tree of Life, we’re committed to putting accurate, consistent, and timely information in the hands of our retail partners. With LogicSync, ECRS is taking a major step toward that same goal,” said Greg Leonard, Senior Vice President of Natural Food Sales for Tree of Life. “This innovative new technology will assure that Tree of Life’s items, costs, and promotions flow seamlessly into the ECRS Supplier Gateway and CATAPULT – reducing keystrokes, eliminating errors, and saving time – that’s a “big idea” in anybody’s business.”



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