Safe Quality Food Institute Launches a New Website Provides Easier Navigation for Diverse Group of Users


ARLINGTON, VA – March 3, 2011 – The Safe Quality Food Institute(SQFI) launched a new website organizing the content according to the needs of the diverse community of users, including food suppliers, retail buyers, auditors and certification bodies, and training centers and consultants.

Each group can find the information and services they require by clicking on tabs at the top of the home page.  A comprehensive list of guidance documents, codes, applications and registration forms are now located under one tab also on the home page.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new website, which has been several months in the making,” said Bob Garfield, senior vice president, SQFI.  “Our goal was to provide easier access to the content and make it more user friendly for the many different users who come to our website.”

Buyers can perform targeted searches for SQF-certified suppliers, specifying, for example, the product category, company type (primary producer or manufacturer), level of certification (1, 2 or 3), audit rating and country.

Suppliers interested in becoming SQF certified can find easy-to-follow steps under the Supplier tab, including how to choose a certification body and schedule an audit. 


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