Team effort

Chris Coborn could not have been more appreciative. The CEO of Coborn’s, a St. Cloud, Minn.-based grocery retailer, had just received the 2011 Grocery Headquarters Retailer of the Year award at a gala in his hometown last week. “This means so much to me and, more importantly, to my team,” he said upon receiving the award at a cozy dinner for 125 people at the Best Western Hotel in St. Cloud. “This shows that all of our hard work is recognized in the industry and people pay attention to what we are doing. Our entire team should be proud of this.”

Coborn’s has done an excellent job of merchandising and marketing itself in its marketing territory, which includes Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Iowa. The chain pays very close attention to the details in the store but also a great deal of attention to the communities it serves. That is why Coborn’s stood out this year and received this award. 

From this angle, Coborn has a lot to be proud of. 

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