Village Farms Initiates Global Food Safety Program


Village Farms has initiated the global food safety program for its Canadian and American operations. The scope of the GFSI is focused on food safety for fresh food agricultural products. The GFSI facilitates an integrated supply chain approach worldwide through established criteria in managing production, handling, processing and storing operations.  The GFSI criteria meet stringent consumer safety standards.  Village Farms has implemented this new program, universally accepted worldwide, to allow its customers complete transparency and to create benchmark comparison within the global system. The GFSI relies on third party certification agencies to oversee the program.  For Village Farms in Canada the program is headed up by QMI-SAI, and for America it is through PrimusGFS, both fully recognized by the GFSI.


Satinder Sanghera, Corporate Director of Quality & GAP along with her team, Shirley Marcario, Corporate Food Safety GAP/GMP Administrator, Certified Auditor, Quality Assurance and Environmental Specialist in America, and Nikky Chahal, Food Safety & Quality Control Coordinator for Canada, spearheaded the program for Village Farms.  Ms. Sanghera said that she is proud of all members of the Village Farms Food Safety teams for their dedication, hard work and effort in achieving the GFSI certification for all seven company owned facilities within Canada and the United States.


Village Farms facilities in British Columbia, Canada were the first to become Global GAP complaint, followed by Village Farms facilities in Texas, USA completing GFSI certification for all Village Farms company owned facilities.  Village Farms Chief Executive Officer, Michael A. DeGiglio said, “This kind of dedication and team work assures Village Farms remains the premier Production, Logistics, and Marketing Company in the industry.”   


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