Kraft Foods Is Creating A More Delicious World

Kraft Foods issued its 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report.  Called Creating a More Delicious World, the report focuses on the products, policies and partnerships Kraft Foods is using to drive meaningful and lasting change around health and well-being, sustainability and food safety, as well as other important topics of societal interest.  The report covers both the legacy Kraft Foods and Cadbury businesses and summarizes the company’s progress through 2010.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Improving the livelihoods of more than 1 million farmers through partnerships that support sustainable agriculture today.
  • Significantly increased the tons of certified coffee and cocoa purchased since 2005;
  • Committed to further increase the sustainable sourcing of agricultural commodities by 25 percent by 2015.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 18 percent and water consumption by 30 percent since 2005, as measured against total production.
  • Improved the nutritional profile of more than 5,500 products during the last five years.
  • Removed nearly 6.5 million pounds (3 million kg) of salt from products in 2010.
  • Helped provide more than 1 billion servings of food since 1999 in the United States alone.


“I have always believed that business could be a force for good,” said Irene Rosenfeld, Chairman and CEO. “Today, I know it is.  As a global food company, we can help raise people up-out of hunger, out of poverty, toward healthier lifestyles-through what we make and how we make it.  And millions of times a day, in ways big and small around the world, we’re doing just that.  We’re seeking solutions that, by design, benefit our business and our society and by doing so, we’re helping tackle some the toughest challenges facing the world today.”


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