PBH Updates Foundation Website


Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) has just updated its foundation website, www.PBHFoundation.org, with a fresh design, streamlined the content for better navigation, and added the latest social networking tools for optimal sharing capability. This sleek, attractive new design goes live today.


PBH’s foundation website serves as an information portal for every aspect of the fruit and vegetable industry, retailers, the food service sector, educators, health care workers, and others, as an overview of the foundation’s activities and an interactive donor support resource. Here, those interested in spreading the message of increased fruit and vegetable consumption for better health can find numerous resources crafted to assist in their efforts and keep them informed about the latest fruit and veggie related news and events.


A new color scheme makes the information on each page really stand out and the section topics have been reworked to make finding your way around the website more intuitive. An entire section devoted to PBH’s Annual Meeting has been added to make registration or reviewing past presentations quickly accessible to site visitors and a new history section details PBH’s past and present activities. Also in the forefront is the Get Involved section that outlines how those in various areas of the fruit and vegetable industry can support the foundation. Visit that section to see the impact the foundation and its supporters have had on helping move the needle on fruit and vegetable consumption.


“The redesigned website features even more information than ever before,” said Elizabeth Pivonka, Ph.D., R.D., president and CEO of PBH. “Visitors will note that site navigation is easier, maximizing the website’s benefit to our donors. We think it’s a big improvement, both visually and organizationally.”  


Pivonka encourages previous site visitors to check out the changes to the foundation website and says that those who haven’t visited the site before should look it over to find out just what PBH has to offer them, and then easily share the information with friends and colleagues through Facebook, LinkedIn or another social network.


“Everyone who shares our mission of increasing fruit and vegetable consumption will find our newly renovated website helpful. We have so much information and so many ready-to-use resource materials to help our supporters with their marketing and informational campaigns, and we can’t wait to share it with you!”



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