Chiquita Assists Teachers with Back to School Nutritional Resources

Chiquita Brands announced the launch of a new multimedia campaign designed to deliver much-needed resources to pre-K through 6th grade educators as the new school year begins.  The Chiquita Banana Smart Sweeps campaign features school, retailer and community outreach to promote healthy eating habits along with an eye-catching interactive website with games, videos, recipes, lesson plans and chances to win cash prizes.  The goal is to provide additional cash for selected budget-challenged teachers, tools that promote healthy living and eating habits and resources to make learning fun.


“To promote healthy eating and Chiquita’s role in delivering nutritious snack options, we’ve designed a campaign that raises awareness about healthy living in the community and a fun, unique website that engages teachers and students,” said Craig Stephen, Vice President North American Bananas and Fresh Select.  “We’re pleased to help deliver vital information and tools to promote good nutrition while also delivering resources teachers can use for classroom supplies.”


Following a highly successful multi-channel promotion last spring with the move Rio, the Chiquita Banana Smart Sweeps campaign focuses on schools, teachers, retailers and the broader community via a variety of channels that invite teachers to register at for an opportunity to enter three drawings to win $500, $750 or $2,000.  


The drawings will be held at three-week intervals with a bonus drawing at the conclusion of the campaign to provide an additional prize of $1,500.  The Chiquita Banana Smart Sweeps promotion runs through October 16.

In addition to providing cash for teachers, the campaign emphasizes the healthy living and snacking message that is at the core of Chiquita’s vision.


A key element is the website, where participants will find interactive games, child-friendly snack ideas, and classroom activities teachers can use to instruct students about healthy living.  Participating retailers in select locations will help promote the healthy snacking message by providing 15 pounds of free Chiquita bananas to those teachers who register their classrooms before September 17 and are chosen to receive a special promotional code.


During the sweepstakes, educators are encouraged to explore the rich multimedia tools, games and lessons the website provides and are rewarded for their participation with additional entry points for the cash prize drawings.  Teachers can increase their chances of winning during each drawing period with extra points awarded for additional site interactions such as lesson plan downloads, worksheet activity and game playing.


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