H-E-B Acquires Three Albertsons Locations in Texas


H-E-B announced the acquisition of three Albertsons stores in the Texas communities of College Station, Kerrville and New Braunfels. Albertsons will close all three locations in October 2011. According to Winell Herron, H-E-B Group Vice President of Public Affairs and Diversity, the company acquired the Albertsons stores as an extension of H-E-B’s commitment to serving the Texas community.


“We view these acquisitions as an opportunity to expand the retail experience in these communities and offer new jobs,” said Herron.


H-E-B has committed $4.5 million as an overall investment in the current Kerrville location to expand the store’s parking lot and retrofit the store to meet the high expectations of its customers. The remodel of the 49,000 square-foot store will take approximately 30 days from the date of its closing as an Albertsons in mid October. It will be the second H-E-B store in the Kerrville community.


“We are looking forward to opening this second location for our Kerrville customers,” said Herron. “We think they will be pleased to find H-E-B’s low prices, fresh products and our signature customer service in a location that is convenient for them.”


In New Braunfels and College Station, H-E-B recently opened brand new stores in July and September 2010, respectively. As such, the acquired Albertsons locations in these communities will not be converted into H-E-B stores but instead made available for lease. H-E-B aims to attract new retailers and jobs to the area with this available space.


Albertsons employees at all the locations are being offered the opportunity to interview for positions at H-E-B.


Additionally, all Albertsons pharmacy customers will be transferred to H-E-B. These customers will be able to have their prescription needs met at any H-E-B store without an interruption in service.


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