Hy-Vee to Offer Paperless Grocery Coupon Service

Hy-Vee grocery stores now offers their shoppers the ability to redeem SavingStar eCoupons through a new cobranded Hy-Vee SavingStar keytag available at Hy-Vee customer service desks. SavingStar eCoupons are fully digital with nothing to clip or print. Shoppers can save at all Hy-Vee stores with exclusive offers at savingstar.com and on SavingStar’s iPhone and Android app.

“In today’s digital world, many shoppers want to save on groceries but don’t have the time or desire to print or clip paper coupons. SavingStar makes it easy and convenient for people to save money on groceries with a service that fits their lifestyle,” said David Rochon, CEO of SavingStar. “Hy-Vee shoppers can now get additional savings from SavingStar by selecting eCoupons online or through their smartphones – even while walking the aisles in the store.”

SavingStar recently announced it has attracted over 500,000 users in the three months since the service went live, faster initial growth than Groupon, Twitter or Foursquare. In addition, SavingStar customers have activated more than 5 million coupons to date.

How it Works
SavingStar is free and easy to use. Users can register their Hy-Vee keytags with SavingStar and choose which eCoupons they want. When they scan their keytag at checkout, the value of each eCoupon is automatically added to their SavingStar account (rather than being deducted at checkout in the store). SavingStar is the only coupon service that lets consumers choose how they get their savings. After accumulating $5 in savings, users can pick their payout from a deposit to their bank or PayPal account, an Amazon gift card, or a donation to the charity American Forests to help plant trees. More payout options will be introduced in the coming months.

SavingStar currently features eCoupons from name brands such as Johnsonville Sausage, POM Wonderful, Bayer, Aleve, Elmer’s Glue, and more. New coupons are regularly added throughout the month.

SavingStar’s digital service eliminates the hassle and paper waste of traditional paper coupons including the time spent clipping or printing coupons, the mess associated with accumulating coupons in a kitchen drawer, purse or wallet, and the resulting frustration when shoppers forget to bring their coupons to the store.


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