GMDC Presents Results From Multi-Year Study On Health And Wellness

The Global Market Development Center (GMDC) released primary research from their multi-year study, Consumer Shopping Habits for Wellness and Environmentally Conscious Lifestyles. The three-year study, underwritten by GMDC’s Education Leadership Council (ELC) and select GMDC member companies, is designed to summarize current research that defines the Health and Wellness (H+W) consumer.

Using both qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques, consumers were studied over a two year period, and consistent patterns were identified. The 2011 study, presented by Davey McHenry, Senior Strategic Accounts Manager with The Hartman Group, identified typical product and category cycles, shopping habits, and wellness opportunities that included consumer wants and needs, product categories, services and retail practices. New areas covered in the 2011 report include beauty and anti-aging, new product categories, important factors for choosing a store to shop at, and Pharmacy interaction with the consumer. The results and trends based upon consumer, product and retail findings provided an essential summary and captured the critical issues that GMDC members need to be aware of in order to engage the H+W consumers and their purchases over time.

“GMDC and its member sponsors continue to invest in this study, based upon our complete commitment to serve as the industry leader on the platform of health and wellness consumer insights and education,” commented Dave McConnell, GMDC President and CEO. “We’ve experienced an unprecedented level of support for this study which validates that we are focused on opportunities that offer value to broad segments of our membership.”

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