Mini Calzone/Mini Hotdog Platters

Stefano Foods introduces Mini Calzone Platters, available in Ham & Cheddar Cheese and Pepperoni & Cheese, and Mini Hotdog Crescent Platters. These items are fully baked, packaged in a contemporary plastic clamshell and labeled for thaw and sell convenience.

Each 14-ounce package of Mini Calzones includes eight 1.25-ounce Mini Calzones and a 4-ounce marinara sauce cup. The 18-ounce package of Mini Hotdog Crescents has eight 1.75-ounce all-meat Hotdogs and a 4-ounce marinara sauce cup. These mini Hotdogs are wrapped in a crescent dough and fully cooked.

Mini Calzone and Mini Hotdog Platters
by Stefano Foods

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