Talking Shop with… Philip Fritz

E Lighting Solutions’ product manager for LED retail display lighting says demand for LED lighting in refrigerated display cases is growing and other areas are soon to follow.

Grocery Headquarters: What are some of the latest developments in LED lighting technology?
Philip Fritz:
As LED technology rapidly evolves and becomes more powerful, we are now able to create LED lighting solutions for spaces that seemed prohibitive just a few years ago. A great example is the recent LED innovations created for horizontal refrigerated display cases. GE Lighting Solutions has offered an LED solution, the Immersion RH10 Series, for this application since 2010, and recently we have begun to see a big upswing in customer demand.

Grocers realize that this will be the next big thing for LED lighting in the supermarket industry and want to ensure they are the first ones to reap the benefits of energy and maintenance savings and visual appeal.

What are some of the criteria that grocers need to consider when evaluating LED lighting?
Grocers should evaluate the level of energy savings they will gain compared to traditional lighting technologies, as well as other LED systems. Additionally, the lifetime of the LED system should be carefully considered. Not all LED systems are equal, so it is important to ensure they are working with a quality LED lighting system that will meet their performance claims.

At GE Lighting Solutions, our team puts every LED system through extensive, stringent testing to support our performance claims. And last, but certainly not least, grocers should consider the quality and amount of light needed for the particular application they are illuminating.

LED lighting is taking hold in refrigerated cases. What are some other areas where grocers can benefit from the low operating costs and maintenance of LED lights?
Because of the widespread gains achieved by investing in LED technology, retailers are now asking for a more comprehensive portfolio of LED solutions.

GE Lighting Solutions offers grocers a wide range of reliable LED lighting solutions for a variety of applications, including refrigerated display cases, signage, architecture, and most recently, outdoor lighting for parking lots. The new GE Evolve Modular Area Light has quickly become popular with retailers seeking increased energy savings, long life and superior light uniformity to improve customer safety in their parking lots.

Grocers want to show their food, particularly produce, in the best light possible. What are some tips you can share in terms of making sure products throughout the store are lit properly?
Lighting can create an experiential feeling, and it is these experiences that can create a customer for life. My advice to grocers is to understand their customers and what motivates them, and then create a lighting environment tailored for them.
The advantage of choosing GE LED lighting solutions is that they will provide bright, uniform light for up to five years. This enables customers to consistently enjoy a vibrant, beautifully lit shopping experience, while grocers enhance their brand image.

What if some supermarkets are not ready to make the switch to LED?
In actuality, most grocers should be ready for LED lighting, as it is quickly becoming a competitive tool that retailers are strategically using to boost their bottom line and the look of their stores. Grocers who have already made the switch to LEDs are enjoying the benefits of reduced energy and maintenance costs. In fact, advancements in LED technology and utility rebates continue to shrink payback periods, driving ROI potential to even greater heights. For example, if a grocer switched out T8 linear fluorescent lighting for GE Immersion LED Refrigerated Lighting Systems in 50 vertical freezer cases and 50 horizontal refrigerated display cases in 100 stores, they could save up to $500,000 annually in energy and maintenance costs.

What can grocers look forward to in terms of lighting technology?
The LED lighting revolution will continue to explode during the next 10-20 years as we see groundbreaking innovations created for new applications, such as indoor lighting. Grocers can look forward to a larger portfolio of indoor and outdoor LED solutions that will enable even greater gains in energy and maintenance savings, visual appeal and improved environmental stewardship. To learn more about GE LED lighting innovations, visit

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