Bella Pak Qualifies for Organic Certification

Bella Pak, a division of MCT Manufacturing known for its packaging services, met the National Organic Standards to be certified USDA Organic for its new Redwood Farms line by MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association, Inc.). The Appleton, Wis.-based company went through a thorough and complex review to determine if it is in full compliance with the organic standards set by the USDA National Organic Program.


“As we continue to grow, Bella Pak is proud to add organic services for our customers, along with Kosher services and other specialty services to accommodate our customers’ needs,” says David Wangerin, General Manager of MCT Manufacturing, Inc. “Bella Pak is truly a company which takes pride in producing a quality, wholesome product for all life styles. Organic products are just one of the many great services to come from Bella Pak.”


The new Redwood Farms line by Bella Pak will include Organic Parmesan and Romano, sold in canisters, that comes from organic-certified farms and processing plants


Bella Pak has been a major supplier to the food industry since 2001, offering fluid drying of organic cheeses and the packaging of organic products.


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