Quality at any price-point

Even when they aren’t paying to dine among celebrities at one of his Spago restaurants, Chef Wolfgang Puck doesn’t want customers to be disappointed with any product that has his name on it. This is why, he said, after one partnership that did not go as planned, he took time and care choosing the next company he would partner with on a line of Italian sauces.

He chose to team with Campbell Soup Co. for the line he launched in late October. He said quality was the driving force. “They take great care with everything they do,” he said at a launch event for the sauces. He said he was impressed with the company’s commitment to superior ingredients, especially tomatoes.

He also said he was concerned that the prices of his sauces not be out of reach of average consumers. Wolfgang Puck Italian sauces are packaged in a distinctive 16-ounce jar, “making them the perfect size for a restaurant-inspired dinner at home,” explained Joseph C. Essa, president of Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Wolfgang Puck Worldwide. “We’re committed to quality at every price-point.” The line is available at major grocery retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $2.79.

In these tough times, even the price of a celebrity chef is affordable.

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