San Miguel Cut ‘n Clean Greens Kits

San Miguel Produce has introduced two Cut `n Clean Greens, ready-to-cook “cooking greens kits,” making it easy for home cooks to add southern-style comfort food greens to any meal.

The new kits both feature greens, red cabbage, onion, bacon and our signature seasoning packet of savory garlic, herbs and spices. The new “Crazy ‘bout Collards Kit” features washed and chopped collard greens, and the “Comfort Greens Kit” features a blend of collard, mustard and turnip greens, washed and chopped.

The kits are ready to cook: Just a quick sauté in a skillet and they go from stove to table in less than 15 minutes for a traditional, Southern-style comfort-food side dish, say company officials. These kits provide some of the most nutrient-dense greens available. Both kits come in 24-ounce containers and are meant to serve as a side dish for six or entrée for four.

The kits can be found in the produce department, along with the full array of Cut `n Clean Greens washed, chopped and ready-to-use specialty greens (rainbow and green chard, beet greens, escarole, Euro Greens and spinach), organic greens (Garden Greens, Hearty Greens, Rainbow Kale, Mustard, Collard and Rainbow Chard), comfort greens (Country Greens, Turnip Greens, Flat Mustard, Curly Mustard, Kale and Collard) and SUPER Greens salads and salad kits (SuperKALE Salad Slaw and IRONman Greens Salad).

Cut ‘n Clean Greens Kits
by San Miguel

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