Seafood Tortas by Inland Market Premium Foods

Just in time for the 2011 Holiday Season, Inland Market Premium foods is introducing a line of ready-to-serve, consumer friendly seafood dips that are described as cost-effective and delicious.

The Seafood Tortas are made using high quality ingredients and in-house recipes crafted by the company’s acclaimed culinary team, say company officials.

The Tortas come in four varieties: Crab and Artichoke garnished with Sundried Tomatoes, Smoked Salmon with Ginger, Sesame and Wasabi, Main Lobster with Roasted Corn and Basil and Shrimp Provencal garnished with Roasted Tomatoes Zucchini
and Basil.

“They are the perfect snack or elegant appetizer,” says Evan Pihera, project manager for the Atlanta-based company. “Real seafood plus quality ingredients and a beautiful presentation are the key for delicious results.” To serve, simply turn the Torta over, pop it out on your desired serving plate and surround with crackers, crusty bread or assorted vegetables.

Inland Market’s Seafood Tortas are available in the seafood department of Safeway Stores nationwide, Giant Eagle stores in Pennsylvania, various Costco divisions and other retailers like Kroger, beginning this holiday season.

Seafood Tortas
by Inland Market Premium Foods

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