Oldways Holds Second Annual Supermarket Dietitian Symposium

Oldways will hold its second annual Supermarket Dietitian Symposium Wednesday, February 29th through Friday, March 2nd in Savannah, Ga.  The symposium will provide three days of thought-provoking sessions and interactive forums with 70 of the nation’s top supermarket dietitians, food experts and industry leaders.  The group will tackle a universal challenge: how to help consumers recognize, buy and eat healthy foods and how to create promotions to drive healthy sales at retail.

Oldways, the international nonprofit widely recognized for its expertise with traditional diets, healthy eating pyramids, and the Whole Grain Stamp, developed the symposium, in conjunction with Barbara Ruhs MS, RD, LDN, Bashas’ Family of Stores, to support the important work of supermarket dietitians.  The event offers a unique opportunity for invited attendees to meet, network and brainstorm approaches to address today’s difficult health issues.

“Supermarket dietitians are the newest breed of influencers when it comes to educating consumers about healthy and affordable foods,” said Sara Baer-Sinnott, president, Oldways.  “To make a significant difference, it is critical that all parties — health professionals, retailers, food suppliers and academia  — come to the table to share knowledge and create practical solutions and tools to help consumers change their diets and lifestyles for the better.”

Symposium Highlights: (The full agenda will be available following the event.)

–Speed Networking: Interactive, fun, meet-and-greet to kick off the event; for dietitians, event hosts and sponsors to mix and mingle.

–Nutrition: Talking about traditional and plant-based diets, their nutritional benefits, and innovative ways to promote these healthy lifestyles at retail.

–Marketing Health: From understanding the modern consumer, to implementing successful campaigns and how to use technology to promote better health.

–Connections: Working with retailers to make the new food and pharmacy connection and strengthening community connections to build retailer visibility and better customer engagement.

–Special Guest: Top chef and author, Hugh Acheson, will lead a culinary demonstration and share some tricks of the trade for better in-store food demos.

“As an organization, we are proud to bring together this influential group of dietitians, researchers, food experts and industry leaders to address the issues of the day and arm supermarket dietitians with the tools to make their jobs easier,” said Georgia Orcutt, program manager at Oldways.  “We are thrilled to have partners as committed to public health as we are. Without their support this event would not be possible.”

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