Retalix in the Clouds

Retailix, a global provider of innovative software and services to high-volume, high complexity retailers, announced today that Retalix 10,  its next generation store suite, is available as a service from the cloud. Retalix 10 on the Cloud takes advantage of the flexibility, power and performance of Windows Azure, say company officials.

Retalix officials say there is tremendous value in retailers having the flexibility to deploy the Retalix 10 Store Suite, as a Service-On-Demand from the cloud, with an option for subscription payment model.

“We believe SaaS and cloud computing will play a crucial role in tackling major challenges that retailers worldwide are facing today, mainly simplifying management of operations and IT infrastructure, reducing capital expenditure and decreasing upfront investment,” says Shuky Sheffer, chief executive officer of the Plano, Texas-based software firm. “Offering our advanced store solution as a service from the cloud, will enable retailers of all sizes to simplify their IT infrastructure and operations, reduce maintenance, IT resources and capital expenditure, and enjoy benefits of per-demand scalability and elasticity, as well as accelerated time-to-market. Additionally, smaller retailers can now afford access to enterprise applications that are currently only accessible to large retailers.”

Retalix has worked with Microsoft to use Windows Azure, which provides an open and flexible Internet-scale cloud services platform hosted through Microsoft data centers, automating IT infrastructure through a platform designed for high availability and dynamic scaling.

Retalix 10 on the Cloud
by Retalix

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