Social Value

Did you ever wish you could sit at the cool kids’ table when you were in high school? Well, now you can thanks to the influence of social media.

Just when you think you’re drowning in expert opinions on social media, along comes yet another metaphor—but this one’s worth listening to.

Equating social media to the various cliques that held sway in high school comes from the first part of a year-long series of reports from the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council of North America, the first of which was released at yesterday’s FMI Mid Winter Executive Conference in Orlando.

The report suggests that it is up to retailers to understand the group dynamics that drive social media in order to exploit a phenomenon rife with opportunities.  No argument there, but I would suggest and I’m sure the Council will report on this, that sites like Facebook and Twitter can be extremely valuable as “listening posts” to track consumer attitudes, not just another electronic selling tool.

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