A 360 Checkout Solution

Wincor Nixdorf officials say they are setting a new standard for retail customer service with the introduction of the 360 Scan Portal, a fully automatic self-checkout solution with 360-degree scanning technology. Designed for high-volume retail environments, the 360 Scan Portal speeds consumers through the checkout line, providing them with a better overall shopping experience, while greatly improving operational efficiency for retailers, officials add.

“The 360 Scan Portal is a game changing concept for the future of retail self-checkout,“ says Oliver Weber, CEO of Austin, Texas-based Wincor Nixdorf U.S.

With Wincor Nixdorf’s 360 Scan Portal, customers place all of their items on a conveyor belt, and the advanced 360-degree scanner automatically reads the barcodes at up to 60 items per minute—roughly twice the speed of conventional checkout systems. Customers do not need to ensure bar codes are facing a specific direction, as the 360 Scan Portal locates and scans multiple barcodes automatically with 98% accuracy. Items without a readable barcode and age-restricted items are instantly photographed for manual scanning by a checkout attendant.

Company officials say because of the significant improvements it makes to in-store productivity, the 360 Scan Portal enables retailers to deploy in-store personnel with greater flexibility to increase customer service levels in other areas of the store, in some cases repurposing up to 60% of traditional checkout staff for more one-on-one customer interaction.

360 Scan Portal
by Wincor Nixdorf

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