Chilean Blueberry Committee Introduces Comprehensive Nutrition Resource

A new nutritional brochure extolling the benefits of blueberries is being jointly offered by the Chilean Blueberry Committee and the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association.

Available for free online at, the brochure is chock-full of health information, nutrition tips, and fun facts about the Little Blue Dynamos, along with simple recipes featuring fresh, ripe blueberries and other Chilean fruits. This initiative is part of the consumer public relations, retail and foodservice promotions and distributor incentives that continue to help focus consumer interest in purchasing fresh blueberries from Chile.

“We developed the brochure as a fun, easy-to-use way to communicate the benefits of fresh blueberries from Chile,” says Tom Tjerandsen, North American Managing Director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association.  “Blueberries are some of the healthiest, tastiest and most versatile fruits available, and this brochure packs a lot of useful information about them into a simple package.”

The Chilean Fresh Fruit Association offers more than brochures to grocers, foodservice operators and nutrition educators on its web site. Dozens of new recipes, links to industry sources, and a wide variety of point-of-purchase marketing materials are also available.

Nutritional Brochure
by Chilean Blueberry Committee / Chilean Fresh Fruit Association

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