FFR-DSI’s Gravity Feed Merchandiser for Greek Yogurt

FFR-DSI’s new Gravity Feed Merchandise offers an optimal solution for displaying Greek yogurt. It reduces labor and shrink while improving on-shelf presentation for increased sales.

The Gravity Feed Merchandiser for Greek Yogurt is sold as a module set that consists of tray brackets, trays and mounting rails, which are compatible with most 48″ W open air coolers. Angled configuration with gravity feed self-facing creates a merchandiser that always looks full, and the gravity feed design coupled with pull-out shelf makes it easier to rotate product and more consistently manage first-in, first out for reduced restocking time and shrink. Self-facing feature also reduces conditioning labor.

As an added benefit, trays can be pulled and reset with product intact, and clear product stops create an attractive unobstructed view of retail packaging while giving shoppers easy access to product. Single facing rows allow for greater product variety than other systems.

Gravity Feed Merchandiser

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