What happens in Vegas…

My favorite aspect of my job is attending trade shows.

It is an opportunity to see friends from the industry, match faces to the voices I speak with monthly and best of all wander around a world (read: massive convention center) of new products. Inevitably, I return home rambling on about whatever items impressed me most—or added the 5-lbs I swear I gained in three days.

The National Grocer Association’s Show (N.G.A. Show) in Las Vegas last week was no different. It was my first time at the show and I was excited to meet new manufacturers and even more excited to see some of my favorite produce people in the show’s inaugural PMA Pavillion. It’s a small show so it offers lots of time to chat and eat and chat and eat… And as always I was impressed with some new things walking into the market.

One item, however, has me still talking days later. It’s exactly what I need in my life.

Magnetic coupons by Refrigerator Media Advertising.

The company produces a magnetic mailer with a retailer coupons. The design includes eight weeks of perforated coupons in chronological order that hang right on the front of the refrigerator.

That means, when those coupons arrive in the mail, you will never be tempted to throw them on top of a pile of papers on the kitchen table, or put them in the bottom of your handbag. Instead, they will be hanging there on your fridge at eye level, waiting to be taken to the supermarket.

For someone who, without fail, every single time she visits the grocery store forgets to bring the coupons that are sitting in a pile of papers somewhere on the kitchen table, this is a dream come true. Coupons are a girl-on-a-budget’s best friend.

I’m contemplating walking into my local Stop & Shop with the samples from the show and refusing to leave until the store manager agrees to bring the idea to headquarters. (Then again, that’s the point of GHQ magazine.)

Vegas may be the city of sin, but this time, what happens in Vegas should really come to my local supermarket.

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