BI-LO and Coca-Cola Team Up With the USO

BI-LO and Coca-Cola have partnered with the USO to support its Operation Phone Home (OPH) program, which connects troops deployed overseas with their families back home through among other things, a private phone network. For every rotisserie meal bundle sold at all BI-LO stores, Coca-Cola will donate $1 to OPH, which buys troops about 20 minutes of talk time.

“When a service member is deployed overseas, separated from their friends and family, sometimes for long periods of time, nothing means more to them than to be able to hear the voice of a loved one,” said USO VP of Corporate Alliances Cathy Martens. “The USO is grateful to have Coca-Cola and BI-LO partner with us to support a program that gives our troops that connection they want and need. And it’s only fitting that Americans can help our service men and women spend some quality time with their family, just by purchasing a meal to enjoy with their own family.”

The meal bundle includes: a rotisserie chicken, one 16 oz. Signature Deli Salad and one 1.25 liter bottle of any product of The Coca-Cola Company. The program kicks off April 11 and runs through May 8 (or up to $35,000 donation or while supplies of specialty-marked carriers last) and participation is available at all BI-LO locations.

“What a great way for BI-LO shoppers to give back to those who sacrifice so much for our country,” said Category Manager for Deli at BI-LO, Brian Young. “Coca-Cola and BI-LO are happy to present a deal that provides great value for our shoppers while also benefiting the troops.”

“We are excited to partner with BI-LO and the USO to provide this simple, but meaningful opportunity for our troops—the ability to talk with their loved ones on the phone, while they are away serving our country,” said Lauren Steele, Coca-Cola spokesman.

OPH also provides deployed troops with access to computers with free internet bandwidth to connect with friends and family, as well as free wireless Internet access for troops with their own computer. Prepaid phone cards are also provided to service men and women overseas. The standard USO calling card offers about an hour of talk time.

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