Savvy Penny Launches A New Mobile and Digital Technology for Supermarket Coupon Savings

Savvy Penny is an in-store digital coupon system, designed for supermarkets that use Bluetooth technology to offer value and savings to consumers. At the same time, it provides retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) companies with a powerful customer loyalty tool: It delivers two-way interactive promotions directly to the consumer at point of sale through full-color touch screens located directly on the store shelf.

Brand marketers use Savvy Penny to target shoppers with laser-like precision in a highly interactive exchange. For the past year it has operated at Milam’s Market in Coral Gables, Fla., and will soon launch in 14 New York City locations.

The benefits it provides are

It is easy and free for consumers, eliminating the need to clip money saving coupons prior to the trip to the grocery store. Shoppers register at the Savvy Penny kiosk by entering their mobile phone number to create their account. Once registered, Savvy Penny creates a connection point through in-aisle touch screens to seamlessly deliver targeted savings instantaneously to registered users. Coupon savings are redeemed at check-out by consumers who simply enter the last 4 digits of their mobile phone and their savings are reflected on their printed receipt just as with traditional paper coupons.

Retailers and manufacturers can limit coupons, cap savings for a particular brand or create new or alter existing savings. By using Savvy Penny, every coupon is instantly validated eliminating potential fraud. Savvy Penny manages the full digital coupon and promotion life cycle, from design to distribution. Paper coupons can take weeks to redeem and settle, this innovative digital technology saves valuable time and money for both retailers and manufacturers. Even better, the paperless coupon system is environmentally friendly.

Supermarket Coupon Savings
by Savvy Penny

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