The Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board Launches Chefs Council

The Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board announces the formation of its Chefs Council. The Council will join together world-renowned culinary experts from restaurants across the United States, unified in their efforts to promote and advocate for fresh, wild-caught, sustainable Louisiana seafood.

The Chefs Council – which includes celebrated seafood chefs such as James Beard award winner, Jose Andres and Michelin star recipient, Richard Reddington – brings together 17 chefs with diverse culinary and geographic backgrounds. Their commonalities include a love of Louisiana Seafood and a desire to bring awareness to the Gulf’s oldest sustainable industry and the wealth of cultural traditions that go along with it.

“The plethora of shellfish, crustaceans and finfish from the Louisiana marshes and bayous, to the Gulf of Mexico is literally staggering,” says Chefs Council member, Tenney Flynn, executive chef and owner of New Orleans restaurant, GW Fins.  “It’s easy to cook so many different types of dishes at GW Fins, when you have access to the finest raw materials in the world.”

Ewell Smith, Executive Director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board echoes this sentiment, “Louisiana Seafood is the freshest and most delicious in the country and we couldn’t be more excited about the formation of the Chefs Council because of the opportunity it presents to share it with the rest of the U.S.  The seafood industry in Louisiana is very connected to the traditions of the South.  Any opportunity to bring attention to this amazing culture is so important and we are proud that these world-renowned chefs are taking part.”

The Chefs Council kicked off with a three-day launch in New Orleans from March 26th-28th, 2012.  Council members spent their days getting immersed in Louisiana culture with a focus on seafood education and the rich traditions of the industry.  Other highlights included dinners hosted by renowned New Orleans chefs Donald Link at Herbsaint and Susan Spicer at Bayona. This was an opportunity for members of the Council and foodservice industry decision makers to come together, sample delicious recipes made with fresh Louisiana Seafood, and experience the music and festivity of the Creole culture first hand.

Members of the Louisiana Seafood Chefs Council include:

  • Jose Andres, Think Food Group
  • Cory Bahr, Cotton
  • Ann Cashion, Johnnies on the Half Shell
  • Robert Del Grande, RDG + Bar Annie/ Grove/ Rio Ranch
  • Tenney Flynn, GW Fins
  • Holly Goetting, Charley G’s
  • Paul Kahan, Blackbird/ Avec/ Publican
  • Donald Link, Herbsaint/ Cochon/ Butcher
  • Nancy Oakes, Boulevard/ Prospect
  • Dave Pasternak, Esca/ Eataly
  • Charles Phan, Slanted Door/ Out the Door/ Heavens Dog/ Wo Hing
  • Richard Reddington, Redd
  • Greg Reggio, Zea/ Semolina
  • Susan Spicer, Bayona/ Mondo
  • Frank Stitt, Bottega/ Highlands Bar and Grill/ Chez Fonfon
  • Craig Stoll, Delfina/ Locanda/ Pizzeria Delfina
  • Steve Uliss, Firefly BBQ

Louisiana provides nearly 1/3 of all domestic seafood consumed in the continental U.S. and has a $2.4 billion total impact on the Louisiana economy. Wild, abundant Louisiana Seafood is a sustainable resource and represents a vitally important cultural and socio-economic jewel in America’s history.

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