Wegmans Instills Summer Price Freeze

Wegmans has announced a freeze on prices for more than 60 products families buy most during the summer months, effective Sunday, April 29 through August 25.  This means that even if costs go up for these products, Wegmans will not increase the retail price during this period.  (Counting all flavors/varieties, the total number of items – SKUs – affected is 254.)

This move immediately follows the expiration of Wegmans’ winter list, introduced in January, with prices guaranteed through April 28.

“People are more hopeful about the economy, but gas prices remain a huge concern,” says President Colleen Wegman.   “Customers have told us that it gives them peace of mind to know that prices won’t change for an extended period of time.  It helps with planning and budgeting, and they are saving enough on groceries to more than offset the extra they are paying at the fuel pump.”

Wegmans’ summer list includes 62 products and clearly reflects the change in customer shopping patterns once warmer weather hits.  It includes such things as condiments, hot dog and hamburger rolls, marinated chicken breast, Italian sausage, littleneck clams, fresh salad greens, sunscreen, and over-the-counter allergy medications.   The list is almost exclusively made up of Wegmans brand products, because Wegmans can be more aggressive with pricing for their own brand.

Colleen Wegman also made a point of reiterating the company’s overall commitment to low prices.  “We can’t freeze prices on every product we sell, but it’s important to say that beyond this list, we will keep prices low.  Our prices on the products families buy week in and out are 10 to 15% lower than other supermarkets.”

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