Garcia y Vega 1882

GARCIA Y VEGA, A SWEDISH MATCH NORTH AMERICA BRAND, introduces its Garcia y Vega 1882 rolled leaf cigar. Rolled leaf, also known as “rough cut” refers to the natural leaf cigars that are made only with a leaf and filler. Initial rollout is in the test markets of Florida and the metro Philadelphia area.

“Rolled leaf is a large and important segment in the small natural leaf category,” says Christel Anastasia, associate brand manager. “Our newest addition to the brand, 1882, is named for the year Garcia y Vega began making premium Dominican cigars. With the proud cigar-making heritage of Garcia y Vega, 1882 is a well crafted mild cigar using all natural filler and rolled in an aged broadleaf to create a truly authentic cigar.”

Garcia y Vega 1882 features a resealable zipper to ensure each cigar is as fresh as the day it was made. To celebrate the premium quality, each 1882 cigar is wrapped with a traditional cigar band. For a limited time, Garcia y Vega 1882 will be available in two value priced offerings, a “3 cigars for $1.82” trial pouch and the everyday “5 cigars for the price of 4.”


Garcia y Vega 1882

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