Ready Pac Honored with Domino’s Pizza Supply Partner Award

Domino’s Pizza awarded Ready Pac Foods, Inc. with its “Annual Supply Partner Award” on May 15th at their 2012 World Wide Rally in Las Vegas, Nev. for its outstanding supplier service in 2011. The award was presented to Mr. Jeff Herdeg, Ready Pac’s Director of Foodservice National Accounts, who has been working with Domino’s for the past four years. Ready Pac’s strategic partnership with Domino’s pizza, sourcing knowledge and support during challenging events were noted as key factors for earning the supply partner award.

“We are proud to honor Ready Pac with a Supply Partner Award for 2011,” said Phillip Worley, director-purchasing for Domino’s Pizza. “For the past several years, Ready Pac has been our primary supplier of leafy greens. Since that time they continue to take on the challenges that we bring them and they have become a true strategic partner.”

At the Domino’s Pizza’s award presentation, company representatives noted that Ready Pac provides ongoing support to their (PFS) Veggie Processing facility through the sharing of best practices and sourcing knowledge. Ready Pac also participated in Domino’s Pizza’s Retail Store project by sharing market research and providing grab-and-go items that were offered as part of that initial launch.

“In 2011 Ready Pac had our backs by providing emergency deliveries to our centers in the Northeast during bad weather and operational challenges,” said Worley. “We’re very happy to recognize the entire Ready Pac team for being very supportive of us over the last several years and especially this past year.”

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